Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Embark upon the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection and explore the world’s legendary sights as well as its hidden gems, all the while experiencing the highest level of luxury associated with the Ritz-Carlton brand.  The relaxed pace aboard the super yacht allows for freedom and flexibility for every guest. Sea views everywhere you turn, exquisite décor and countless amenities greet every passenger.  The Ritz-Carlton yacht escorts her guests across the Atlantic through the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Between each exotic port, take advantage of the marina and play in the sea, visit the exceptional Ritz-Carlton Spa or relax and socialize in one of the many bars and lounges. Whether onboard or onshore, every last detail is taken care of, allowing guests to truly unwind and bask in luxury.

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Ship Year Built Refurbished Passengers Rating
Evrima 2021 298
Ilma 2024 448
Luminara 2025 452